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Heat level : 5

Diemens Original Hot Sauce 150ml

Heat level : 5
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Made in Australia with Tasmania's native 'Diemen' mountain pepper, Diemens Original Hot Sauce adds a touch of mischief to your meal.

Whether you're new to hot sauce or a seasoned hot sauce veteran, you'll enjoy this punchy full flavoured sauce with its slow afterburn.

The Diemen Pepper (Tasmannia Lanceolata) leaves and fruit are up to 5 times stronger than regular black pepper and has 4 times the anti-oxidants of blueberries.

This awesome Australian superfood is not only known for its medicinal properties but contains a hot tasting compound (polygodial) that releases a fragrant, sharp and spicy flavour with a unique Australian 'bushy rainforest' taste.

Ingredients: Aussie-grown red chile puree (cayenne, habanero), vinegar, water, salt, garlic, Diemen Pepper Berries (0.44%), xanthan gum.