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Chile Mojo Tortilla Lovers Pack

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Please note: 1kg paper-wrapped packets of corn masa (pictured) are unavailable time-to-time. Items may be substituted with corn masa repacked from bulk supply (also Minsa company product). Please do phone up or leave notes in your order form with any questions or concerns.

Make your own and fill your kitchen with the lovely aroma of fresh home-made tortillas. Chile Mojo's Tortilla Lover's Kit comes with everything you need including ingredients, utensils, a 'how to' tip sheet and a book filled with recipes, tips and know-how. You can even explore the different flavours of corn masa. White is the mildest and yellow has a stronger 'corny' flavour.

Minsa Corn Masa Flour Yellow 1kg
Minsa Corn Masa Flour White 1kg
Tortilla press - 6 inch
Plastic Tortilla Warmer - Brown
Book - Knack Mexican

Note: individual items may be available, even if larger pack is not. Please consider entering a search for goods by name.