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Chile Mojo Chili Beans Kit 460gm

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A perfect side fixin'. Makes about 1kg (4 cups)

INGREDIENTS: Pinto Beans, Bay Leaf
SEASONING PACKET: Blended Chile Powders, Rice Flour, Spices, Sea Salt, Onion, Garlic, Chive, Mexican Oregano.

- BOWL SERVICE: Beans in bowl, then top with any or all: ☼ grated or cubed cheddar ☼ thin sliced spring onion ☼ blast of hot sauce ☼ black olive slices ☼ sour cream ☼ fresh coriander ☼ salsas ☼ diced fresh onion ☼ avocados/guacamole
- ROLL SERVICE: Roll Chili Beans into warm flour or corn tortillas then top as above

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: Try Chili Beans with:
- A skillet of Chile Mojo Arizona Cornbread
- Any slow or fast-cooked Tex or Mex style meats
- A side of cold carrot & cabbage slaw
- Perhaps some well-buttered corn on the cob
- Toasty quesadillas
- Melty nachos