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Heat level : 8

Chile Lengua de Fuego - Bhutila Fire Hot Sauce 5oz (148ml)

Heat level : 8
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As seen on The Hot Ones - Season 16

Chile Lengua de Fuego brings tropical heat to the #7 spot on The Hot Ones Season 16!

Featuring a smoked version of the Caribbean’s favorite pepper, the Scotch bonnet, as well as Chocolate Ghost peppers, Bhutila gets its name from an island off the coast of Honduras. And it’s a fire you can feel good about - a portion of all sales goes to protecting their coral reef! Completed with bitter orange for fruity and citrus notes, it’s delicious with beans and rice, guacamole or as a marinade for carne asada.

A thick, not-vinegary sauce with a quick heat, it fires up and dissapates so you're ready for the next bite.

Ingredients: Smoked scotch bonnet pepper mash (scotch bonnet, white vinegar), bitter orange, jalapeno pepper mash (jalapeno, white vinegar), cilantro, salt, super hot pepper mash (chocolate ghost pepper, Trinidad scorpion, white vinegar), spice, smoked garlic, pepper powder mix (chipotle, scotch bonnet, Trinidad Scorpion).