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Heat level : 16

Caboom! Zombie Shot Hot Sauce 5oz (148ml)

Heat level : 16
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Be prepared for the zombie apocalypse with this fiery hot sauce from CaJohn's!

CaBoom Zombie Shot Hot Sauce blends not only habanero, bhut jolokia & chipotle peppers but adds a whopping 3 million SHU pepper extract to bring tears to your eyes and make your nose run.   Use with extreme caution!

Ingredients:Light Brown Sugar (Cane Sugar and Molasses), Distilled Vinegar, Red Habanero Pepper Mash (Red Habanero Peppers, Salt), Jolokia Pepper Mash (Bhut Jolokia Peppers, Salt), Tomato Paste, 3 Million Scoville Oleoresin Capsicum, Water, Chipotle Powder, Black Pepper, Xathan Gum.