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Burns and McCoy Exitium Pineapple Ginger Hot Sauce 148ml (5oz)

Heat level : 8

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Exitium is the perfect pineapple ginger sauce. Made with fresh shallots, roasted garlic, and ginger.  This balance seamlessly compliments the awesome blend of yellow chiles - fatalii, yelllow 7 pot, yellow bhuts, and yellow moruga scorpions.

While equally at home on pork, chicken, seafood and Asian cuisine, it really shines on pizza.  Clearly perfect on a Hawaiian, but will lift any pizza from ho-hum to supreme.

Ingredients: Pineapple, moruga scorpion pepper, pineapple juice, yellow bell pepper, rice vinegar, bhut jolokia pepper, trinidad 7 pot pepper, Fatalii pepper, agave nectar, shallots, ginger, sea salt, spices.