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Bulldozer BBQ - Sweet Pit Spritz 500ml

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Bulldozers Sweet Pit Spritz is the answer to "what do you use to spritz and marinate your ribs".
It's the solution Bulldozer has used at home for a long, long time but now it's available to anyone.  If you feel like you could benefit from little extra sweet but complex flavour before, during or even after your cook, this is it.  Way more than just diluted apple juice or cider vinegar, it is made  with a blend of vinegars, local stone fruit juices and nectars, aromatics and spices.
A good spritz  can enhance the flavour base, just like your rub and the smoke that's also attaching and absorbing into your meat. Comp teams have used test samples to improve their turn in scores as a final spritz just before boxing.

This flavour boosting spritzer is a delicious sweet, mild blend of vinegars, juices, spices, garlic and ginger.

Add flavour before, during and after.  Spray on ribs, chicken or brisket every 25 to 40 minutes during a barbecue to attract smoky flavour.

Adds a fruity sweetness to anything with each application. Or marinate your meat up to 48 hours before smoking or grilling.

Ingredients: wine vinegar, water, treacle, apple juice, prune juice, apple cider vinegar, spices, cherry, garlic, ginger, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate as preservatives.

Gluten Free.