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Book - CDMX The Food of Mexico City

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This is food porn at its best.  An absolutely gorgeous book which is perfect for the coffee table, but is so much more than just pretty pictures.

The recipes Rosa Cienfuegos brings to share with you are all achievable and simply delicious.  Born in Mexico City, Rosa now lives in Sydney so writes for an Aussie audience with ingredients that are relatively easy to locate in Australia.

CDMX is a celebration of the food of Mexico City and the dishes that Rosa grew up eating and now recreates in her two Sydney restaurants: Tamaleria and Icatate. It is the food that chilangos (residents of Mexico City) enjoy at home, on the streets, in markets, and in cafes and bars. Authentic and often unique to Ciudad de M xico, as the locals call it, CDMX's colorful recipes reflect the vibrancy, history, and modern urban life of Mexico's liveliest city.

Filled with stunning food photography and on-the-scene shots of Mexico City, this is more than a cookbook. In addition to the unique dishes found only in the capital, CDMX is also where the country's regional cuisines come together, giving you the opportunity to eat your way through Mexico without ever having to leave the city. CDMX is the Mexico City guide for those who crave authenticity and who strive to accurately recreate their favorite food memories or head straight to the source, visiting Rosa's recommended bars, restaurants, street eats, and markets.

Hardback - 256 pages
Dimension - 29cm x 21cm x 2.5cm