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Beef Chief Jerky - Ragin' Cajun 30gm

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Tougher. Drier. Aussie As. - Better with every chew.

Original Beef Chief is the manufacturer of Premium Australian Style Beef Jerky.

We take top quality grass fed Australian beef. We slice it. Spice it. Dry it. That's it.

Unlike other suppliers we choose to use the best marinades - made in Australia. Why use a top quality cut of beef if you cover it with a cheap flavoring?

We dry our beef slowly and perfectly for a great chew. Beef Chief jerky needs a good chew, but the longer you work at it the STRONGER the flavor becomes until it's so intense you can't help but smash the whole bag.

Beef Chief's Ragin' Cajun hits all the right spots. This seriously tasty blend of cayenne chilli, capsicum and lightly powdered garlic will not only satisfy your cravings, it'll turn you into a beef jerky fanatic.

This Cajun tastes so good because it gets all the flavour elements just right. Nice smokiness from paprika. A lip tickle of cayenne chilli. The subtle sweetness from capsicum. Garlic lightly sprinkled throughout.

Ingredients: beef, sugar, thickener (1442, 641), yeast powder, hydrolyzed vegetable protien, spices, maltodextrin, vegetable oil, herbs, colour (160c), spice extract, vitamin E (307b), herb extract.