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Beans La Costena - Frijoles Charros with bacon and chorizo 560gm

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Home on the range.  This is true cowboy (or ranchero) food when everything goes in the pot.  Beans, bacon, chicharon, sausage, tomatos, jalapenos, onions and whatever else is on hand.

Add charro beans to tacos, burritos, fajitas or as a side dish.  Or top with melted cheese and dig in with a bag of tortilla chips - mmmmm, morish.

Made in Mexico by La Costeña, frijoles charros ready to serve!

Ingredients: water, pinto beans (19.4%), onion, chorizo sausage (2.53%), tomato paste, chopped tomato (1.58%), coriander (1.23%), pork rind (0.92%), bacon, jalapeno pepper, iodized salt, arbol pepper, soybean oil, powdered chicken stock and msg.