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Baja Pullover Hoodie Shirt - Adult

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Also known as a "Mexican Threads Hoodie", baja pullovers have longer sleeves so you can roll them up to form cuffs, hoods and a wonderful large central double-sided pocket in the front. So warm and snuggly that we at Mojo wear them most every day throughout winter. The handy pocket keeps hands warm plus is great for carrying extra bits n pieces.

Made from an acrylic cotton polyester blend, these hoodies wear and wash well.

Colours vary and will typically be available in red, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, rasta, pink, grey, black, camel, maroon, turquoise and occasionally multi. Please call to check colour availability.

Sizing can also vary from batch to batch so please feel free to confirm chest size before ordering. Unlike our other shirts which are very generous in size, you may need to go up a size with a baja shirt. These sizes below are a general guide.

Medium - chest 99-103cm - back length 70-75cm - arm length 45-50cm
Large - chest 120-125cm - back length 60-65cm - arm length 50-55cm
X-Large - chest 125-130cm - back length 73-78cm - arm length 55-60cm

Customer Reviews

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Warm would be an understatement

A little prickly at first but after a cold cycle wash this was resolved, so I highly recommend you do this before wearing it. As for warm, it's really warm, I wear this at 2am outside and do not feel cold at all. The only complaint is from my family, as they all want one. I highly recommend this hoodie.

Baja pullover

This is what I had been looking for after my ex mother-in-law boil washed the one that I bought in Mexico many years ago!
It’s perfect for everything. Just be warned...other people will either love it or hate it. :)