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Chile Medley - whole 70gm

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Discover all the wonderful flavours and nuances of Mexican chile peppers.

Ancho - dark wide & crinkly - MILD
Mulato - similar to Ancho in appearance - MILD
Pasilla - dark long and crinkly- MILD
Cascabel - round smooth ball, rattling seeds - MEDIUM
Guajillo - dark red, long and smooth - MEDIUM
Chipotle tipico - leathery brown - MEDIUM
Chipotle morita - small dark and crinkly - MEDIUM
Habanero - small orange and capsicum shaped - HOT
de Arbol - small, red and long - MEDIUM
Pequin - red and tiny, size of a pea - MEDIUM HOT

Depending on weight and availability some packs may not contain all chiles listed.