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Yoki Farofa Traditional - seasoned cassava flour 500gm - best before Aug 2022

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Enjoyed throughout Brazil on a daily basis.

Farofa is a tasty accompaniment for meats cooked on the traditional churrasco barbeque over hot coals.  Add a spoonful to your plate and dip pieces of meat into the farofa as you go.  Like a dry condiment.

Also used with the classic feijoada bean casserole & rice.

Farofa is made from ground cassava root which has been eaten by native South American Indians in Brazil long before it was discovered by the Portuguese.

Yoki brand is the most popular Farofa in Brazil and this seasoned presentation is ready to eat.  Just open the bag and pour into a serving bowl and you're good to go.

Ingredients: cassava meal, vegetable oils, garlic, salt, colorific (corn meal enriched with iron and folic acid, soybean oil and natural annato dye), onion, red pepper, black pepper, chives, flavouring and glutamate monosodium flavour enhancer.  Contains Gluten.