Tabasco Gallon Green Jalapeno

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A whole gallon o' Tabasco Green sauce in an iconic glass jug.

TABASCO Green Pepper sauce is totally mild on heat but offers bold, distinctive flavours - ideal for those who love to lightly spice their meals.

It’s the perfect flavour enhancer for all fresh produce including seafood, chicken, salad and vegetables. Made from 100% mild ripe jalapeno peppers mixed with vinegar and salt, this sauce is milder in flavour and lower on the heat scale, whilst delivering a great tangy taste.

Ingredients: distilled vinegar, jalapeno pepper, water, salt, corn starch, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid (to preserve freshness).

Please note: Tabasco gallons do not have a long Best Before date.  For some strange reason they are only given one year from manufacture and must sail the seas to get to our shelves.  At best they will have 8-9 months before BB4 but it is more likely that it will have less.  While they are packaged in glass and will be 'good' for a very long time past this date, please be aware that it is likely your gallon will be 'close'.  As such, we do not order many gallons at a time and it is first in best dressed.  If you are concerned about dates, feel free to call the store to check current dates before purchasing.

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