Tabasco 150th Anniversary Limited Edition Diamond Reserve 5oz (148ml)

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McIlhenny Company has announced the release of its new TABASCO® Diamond Reserve Sauce to commemorate the 150th anniversary of TABASCO® Sauce.

“TABASCO® Diamond Reserve Sauce, made with sparkling white wine vinegar, is a celebratory offering toasting the chefs, home cooks, bartenders and food lovers who have made TABASCO® Sauce a staple in their kitchens for the past century and a half.”

This celebratory, limited edition TABASCO� Diamond Reserve Sauce is presented in a limited edition Champagne-style bottle, the sauce is made from an selection of the only the finest tabasco peppers on Avery Island, selected for their outstanding colour, texture, and robustness. The chosen peppers are mashed with a little salt, aged (some upwards of 15 years!), and then blended with sparkling white wine vinegar. The resulting sauce has exceptional quality and complexity, while maintaining the signature flavor and vibrancy for which TABASCO� Sauce is celebrated.

This is the Ultimate Gift for the Tabasco Sauce Aficionado!

Ingredients: Sparkling white wine vinegar, red pepper and salt.

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