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Seeds - chile Aji Cristal

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Ajicristal is a baccatum from Curico in Chile.

A prolific producer with a long season.  The plant grows to 90cm (3ft) with waxy pods up to 10cm long, a medium heat and lovely fruity-citrusy flavour which changes as the pod matures.

The plant is easy to grow and it’s extremely prolific. Ideal when picked by using staggered harvesting. Just keep picking off the largest pods and you can enjoy a yield all season long.

In Chile the peppers are roasted, stuffed with meats and cheese, used in soups and stews and marinades for braised meats. They are also traditionally used to make a simple salsa called Pebre. Pebre is Chopped Aji Crystal, garlic, cilantro, bit of tomato and oil and vinegar. Its is often served along side bread & butter with meals at restaurants.

Approx  85 days to harvest.