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Sauce Brothers Srirachador Sriracha Sauce 12oz (355ml)

Heat level : 5

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This hopeless luchador was lucky enough to cross paths with the Sauce Brothers on their many travels.  With their spicy wisdom, the nameless wrestler became 'El Srirachador' and has been putting taste buds into submission ever since. 

This delicious hot sauce and condiment is perfect for liberal use.  It's great on avocado toast, eggs, pizza, tacos, hummus, noodles, rice and any American, Latin, Asian, Indian or Middle Eastern Cuisine.  It goes on everything - even icecream!!

Submit to El Srirachador and save your taste buds from bland food.

Ingredients: Water, red jalapeño mash, garlic, cane vinegar, acetic acid, brown sugar, salt, xanthan gum.