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Sauce Brothers Primo Peri Peri Hot Sauce 12oz (355ml)

Heat level : 6

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Everyone can feel the love when tasting our Primo Peri Peri.  Well, everyone except the chicken!

We blend juicy red hot chile peppers with spices, herbs and a big squeeze of citrus giving this sauce a savoury yet herbaceous and tangy flavour.

A versatile sauce, it works as a marinade, basting sauce and condiment.  Perfect for fried and roasted chicken, pork, fish and veggies.  It's not just for chicken but it taste damn good on it.

Ingredients: water, lemon juice, tabasco pepper mash, cane vinegar, salt, white onion, canola oil, paprika, cane sugar, tomato paste, acetic acid, manthan gum, mint, dried parseley, paprika oil, natural lemon flavoring.