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Mexican Candy Bonanza

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Here it is!!!  All the best Mexican candy to try in one bundle.  With Tajin, chamoy, lollipops, gummy candy, sour, sweet, salty - it's got it all.

Chile Mojo's Mexican Candy Bonanza pack includes all the favourites:

Pigui Slaps - mixed pack of 10
Mini Tajin
Hola spicy apricot Chamoy salsa 180ml
Mini Cholula - (currently replaced by 2x mini Tabasco)
Rockaleta lollipop
Karla Mango King Gummy lollipop
Vero Mango lollipop
Lucas Panzon Watermelon candy
Vero SandiBrochas lollipop
Rebanaditas watermelon lollipop
De la Rosa Aciduladas sour and spicy lollipop (currently replaced by Pica Pepino lollipop)
Lucas Skwinkles watermelon
Pulparindots mango
Lucas Muecas watermelon powder candy
Lucas Gusano tamarind liquid candy
Pulparindo PoP tamarind lollipop
Vero Rellerindo chamoy tamarind lolly
Pulparindo original tamarind candy
Pulparindo extra picante tamarind candy
Pulparindo watermelon candy
Pulparindo mango candy
Banderilla Tamarind Straw - (currently replaced by Bola Fuego Tamarind lollipop)
Zumba Pica Mango Gummy Candy
Vero goma sandia (watermelon) (2)
Vero goma tamarind (2)