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Marysol Phantom Ghost Chilli Sauce 200ml

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The Phantom gets its heat from Ghost Chillies (aka Bhut Jolokia). Ghost Chillies are exceptionally hot, but The Phantom has wrestled the pepper into submission so that its complex flavour can be enjoyed. The hotness will gradually creep up, starting with a slow burn that builds up over time. If you embrace the burn, the reward will be deep and rich tropical flavours with a peppery finish. A perfect balance of Australian Ghost Chillies (Bhut Jolokia), cayenne chillies, white wine vinegar, sea salt and our secret spice and herb mix.

Preservative and additive free.
No added sugar.
No added water.
Gluten Free.
Vegan friendly.

Ingredients: White Wine Vinegar, Ghost Chilli (Bhut Jolokia), Long Red Chilli, Sea Salt, Sugar, & Spices.