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Heat level : 4

Louisiana Hot Sauce Roasted Garlic 88ml (3oz)

Heat level : 4
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Louisiana Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce has lots and lots of flavour and is perfect for use as a condiment on dozens of foods, or use it in recipes for stews, soups, gravies, and marinades.A versatile sauce, the roasted pepper taste profile is married with roasted garlic. Not too hot, not too mild.

Picking and blending the peppers with pungent vinegar and spices is a tradition that has continued through the decades and into the present, ensuring that the utmost care goes into each bottle of hot sauce. Maintaining a reputation for quality, this sauce prides itself in being the one and only Louisiana jalapeno hot sauce original. In fact, the famous green dot on the label distinguishes it from its imitators.

Ingredients: Fully Aged Peppers, Vinegar, Salt, Roasted Garlic.

PLEASE NOTE:  these bottles will almost always have 'messy' caps & seals.  The sauce is good and usually has a very long best before date, but their bottling process leaves the outside of the bottle less than perfect.  Please be aware of this before ordering, thank you.