Jalapeno Popper Pan

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Pre-seasoned with a rust-proof coating this ready-to-use specialty jalapeno popper pan is a must for lovers of chile peppers.

The eight individual wells of this Norpro pepper popper pan are contoured to ensure filling stays in the peppers and the peppers bake evenly. Holding large jalapenos, anaheim or banana peppers, it is easy to stuff, bake and serve stuffed chiles. Fill chiles with cheese (of course), savory herbs, chopped tomatoes, onions, ground pork, cream cheese, parmesan, bacon, mushrooms and more.

Can be used in the oven, on a stove top, grill or campfire. Safe for gas, electric, ceramic, glass and induction cooktops.
Includes recipe and instructions.

Cast-iron. Hand wash.
Includes recipe and instructions
Specifications Model: 718
Material: pre-seasoned cast-iron
23cm Diameter (35cm with handle) and 2cm high (4cm with handle).
Weight 1.36kg.

To remove any baked-on residue, boil a mixture of 1 cup water and 2 tablespoons baking soda in the cookware.
Store in a cool dry place, allowing proper air circulation. If you notice a metallic taste or see signs of rust, simply scour off rust, wash cookware with soap and hot water, dry thoroughly and re-season by applying a thin coating of cooking oil to the entire surface and bake in 175°C oven for 5 minutes. Cool and rub off excess oil with paper towel.

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