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Instant Chamoy 80gm - makes 1 litre

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Chile Mojo's Instant Chamoy makes 1 litre delicious liquid seasoning and is great value.

Chamoy is a robust liquid seasoning often used with fresh fruits, seafoods or anything which neeeds a 4-tiered PUNCH - sweet, salty, tangy, bitey.

To make: whisk package contents together with 4 cups boiling water.  Cool and store refrigerated for many weeks.

* Classic Mangonada - half stir with mango pulp (fresh or canned, chunky or smooth) pluis a tamarind straw or candy and a wedge of lime.  Dust with Tajin seasoning or chile powder.
* fresh fruit of any sort
* cucumber
* jicama
* grilled prawns
* any food or drink which would enjoy a blast of sweet, salty, tangy spice.

Ingredients: sea salt, sugar, paprika, citric acid (330), chile de arbol, xanthan gum (415).