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Inca Aji Mirasol Paste 212gm (7.5oz)

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Aji Mirasol is the sun-dried form of Aji Amarillo.

This ingredient is indespensible in many Peruvian dishes and adds a wonderful earthy flavor to soups and stews such as capchi (a stew made with potatoes, cheese, milk, and herbs), Ceviche, Tacu Tacu ( Peruvian version of refried beans and rice in a pancake form), Chupes (Andean chowders) among many others.

Aji mirasol imparts a pure pepper flavor with a creamy texture and moderate heat. Use sparingly and add more to taste depending on your tolerance for heat.

Ingredients: Aji MIrasol (guajillo) peppers, salt, citric acid and preservative (sodium benzoate).