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Heat level : 8

High River Sauces Tears of the Sun Private Reserve 5oz (148ml)

Heat level : 8
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As seen on The Hot Ones - Season 14

Based on the original, with a deliciously fruity combination of super hot chiles and lovely chunks of tropical fruit like pineapple and mango in Tears of the Sun Hot Sauce, this version packs a bit more of a punch thanks to the addition of Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion Pepper.

Ingredients: Peach Ghost Scorpion pepper mash (Peach Ghost Scorpion peppers, vinegar), apple cider vinegar, mangos, papaya, Orange Habanero pepper mash (Orange Habanero Peppers, salt), peaches (peaches, water, natural flavour, sugar), pineapple (pineapple, pineapple juice), water, light brown sugar (cane sugar, molasses), lime juice, ginger root, salt, garlic, crushed red pepper.