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Heat level : 8

Hezeus Habanero X Red Pepper Hot Sauce 150ml best before 16/01/22

Heat level : 8
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Truck loads of hot habs, red peppers and smoked garlic. Oaked and fermented with 3 bottles of Ochota Barrels Botanicals vin added to the lava at the very end.

Scare the crap out of a Bunnings snag or crank the heat on a Bloody Maria.

It's hot, but not dumb hot.

Ingredients: habanero, red capsicum, red wine vinegar, smoked garlic, salt.  Plus 3 bottles Ochota Barrels Botanicals vin added to the lava, post ferment.

Organically homegrown and made by the mad hands of Charlie from Lost in a Forest.