Flamin Devil Smoked Chilli Flakes 20gm

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Extraordinary, unbelievable heat and flavour! This truly is the Flamin’ Devil’s masterpiece! (Available in small packs only as just little will go a long way).

Consisting of fruit from a range of 23 different super-hot chilli varieties and then processed in a special way involving a 12 hour red wine marinade and a applewood cold smoke.

All of the chillies are grown in Launceston with no sprays or other chemicals used on the plants. ONLY naturally derived or organically approved fertilizers are used and the end product is ABSOLUTELY free from ANYTHING artificial, NO preservatives, NO artificial colours or flavours.

These smoked flakes are truly awesome added to a taco mix, chilli con carne, bolognaise or stews! But.... tread cautiously as is it very bloody hot!

Sadly the Flamin' Devil's namesake, the Tasmanian Devil, is in strife due to the Facial Tumour Disease and needs our help. Regan from Flamin' Devil Chillies donates part profit to the Save The Tasmanian Devil Program.

Ingredients: mix of up to 23 superhot Tasmanian grown chiles.

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