Erva (Yerba) Ximango Brazilian Iced Mate 250gm

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Yerba Mate Ximango Terere (or Tereré) is an infusion of yerba mate but prepared with cold water and ice rather than with hot water.  Perfect for hot Aussie summers.

Drinking Yerba Mate stimulates energy for physical and mental activity, as well as for fighting fatigue, providing a sensation satiety and aiding digestion.

In the manufacture of the Ximaice line, the leaves go through processes of dehydration, which includes sapeco* before resting in a dry place to age naturally.

*Sapeco - Unlike other teas, the leaves and stem of Yerba Maté are exposed to flames immediately after harvesting; a process known as sapeco.

Ingredients: Yerba mate (Ilex Paraguariensis)

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