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Dorset Maple Reserve Smoked & Spicy Maple Syrup 250ml - Best before Oct 2019

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The Dorset Maple Reserve is a pristine 500 acre sugar maple forest located in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont in the small town of Dorset. With over 40,000 sugar maples this magnificent wood produces thousands of gallons of the finest gourmet quality maple syrup. Responsibility for the exquisite flavor of the Reserve's golden nectar is credited to the land's limestone based soils that deliver high calcium content water to the undisturbed maple forest. The flavor enhancing calcium softens taste and provides the discerning pallet with a remarkable maple treat that is unforgettable.

At the Dorset Maple Reserve, select batches of our maple syrup are given a little kick! Infused with smoked Serrano peppers, this maple syrup offers an explosion of flavors!! The Serrano pepper is considered a medium heat pepper and comes in at 8000-18000 SHU. The flavor profile of the Serrano is a crisp, smoky, fruity flavor with citrus undertones and a heat that lingers. This savory pepper and our maple syrup combined offer the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. With many layers to it, this maple syrup starts off with a smokey flavor and comes in with spice on the back end!!

As a staple in traditional Mexican style dishes, Dorset Smoked Serrano Syrup can be used for sauces, chilis, salsas and marinades. This infused syrup pairs well with fish, pork, chicken, the occassional margarita or drizzled over corn bread for a tasty treat!!

Ingredients: Serrano pepper infused pure maple syrup.

Made in the USA.