Disaster Bay Chipotle 250ml

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Disaster Bay's wonderful gourmet products are produced using their own hand picked organic chiles.

This distinctive chipotle sauce displays the pungency of wood-smoked Jalapeno chiles (traditionally called Chipotles [chip-ote-lays]) and smoked fresh garlic.

A perfect condiment for grilled and barbequed meats, in marinades and anywhere the flavour of authentic wood smoking is required. Try it on pizza bases!

Please note: new tall bottle presentation.  Old image is still showing for the folks who are re-ordering and want to make sure they're receiving their favourite sauce.  10ml for free - new tall bottle holds a little more :-) 

Ingredients - Fresh organic tomatoes, freshly smoked organic Jalapeno chillies, onions, lemons, smoked garlic, vinegar, treacle, vegetable oil, black strap molasses, brown sugar, salt.

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