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Desert Pepper Cantina Salsa Verde Hot 454gm

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Cantina Hot Green Salsa makes no excuses!! It's ready for anything and completely irresistible. So, by all means, grab a cold cerveza and give in to it's warm glow.

Add a kick to your favorite recipes. Hot Green Cantina Salsa pairs well with chicken fajitas, shrimp tacos & pork sate. Serve alongside guacamole, tortilla chips, pita chips & hummus.

Roasted in small batches in the heart of El Paso, Desert Pepper takes pride in bringing you their Cantina salsas to spice up every bite. Grab a margarita and enjoy!

Ingredients: green chiles, jalapeno peppers, water, garlic, salt, agave syrup, lime juice, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated cilantro, spices.