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Heat level : 18

CaJohns Lethal Ingestion 60ml

Heat level : 18
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Lethal Ingestion is truly worthy of it's name! Red Savina, Fatalii and Bhut Jolokia chiles are blended together using our special process to create the World's Hottest Non-Extract Hot Sauce!

This is what chiliheads everywhere have been waiting for. An ultra-hot sauce without the nasty chemical taste of capsicum extract. Act with extreme caution when handling this sauce! Only the experienced chilihead should attempt a direct application of Lethal Ingestion! It can cause gastric disturbance and cramping if dosed improperly. Keep away from eyes and other sensitive areas.

Ingredients: Fatalii chiles, Red Savina Habanero Chiles, Bhut Jolokia Chiles, Vinegar. Contains no oleoresin of capsicum.

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