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Book - The Brazilian Table

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Authored by master chef Yara Castro Roberts-the first Brazilian chef to write about Brazilian cuisine in English. She gives an intimate look at the regions of Minas Gerais, the Amazon, the Cerado, and Bahia from a food perspective, not only introducing one hundred delicious recipes but also providing an in-depth cultural lesson on the regions and their unique foods. The Brazilian Table also features photography by Richard Barclay Roberts.

“I haven’t been to Brazil yet. But when I take the journey to Yara  Castro Robert’s Brazilian Table, I feel I have.  The regions, the ingredients, the  history, the farmers, the simplicity, hospitality and elegance of her table all draw me there.  Yara is a cook, a storyteller, an environmentalist. She feels the deep links of  culture and agriculture in this vast and complicated country and reveals its history and traditions through the beautiful dishes she creates and presents. Her approach is beautiful and basic:  Fresh, simple, local, delicious, welcoming……….” Alice Waters is the award-winning author, humanitarian, chef and advocatefor locally grown and fresh ingredients.

208 pages - hardback
Dimensions - 26cm x 21cm x 2.25cm