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Book - The Complete Mexican, South American and Caribbean Cookbook

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The ultimate cook's compilation of Central and South American cuisine, from enchiladas to feijoada.

In this exciting volume, more than 350 recipes are presented, including snacks, salsas, seafood, meat, poultry, vegetables, salads, side dishes, desserts, ices and drinks.

The fascinating history and culinary culture of Central and South America is explored in the book's introduction, peppered with intriguing facts about the influences and traditions.

There is a detailed guide to the ingredients and how to prepare them, from staples such as corn and plantains to the dazzling array of different chilli peppers and items such as chayotes and cassava. This book is a must for adventurous cooks who want to bring fun and spice into their kitchens.

Measurements are given in all formats so you won't have to do any calculations and recipes are easy to follow.

512 pages, hard back
Dimensions - 17cm x 22cm x 3.5cm