Book - Frida Kahlo: The Artist in the Blue House

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A look into the world of Mexico's most famous female artist, Frida Kahlo.

It introduces children to the themes that infused Kahlo's vibrant paintings, while demonstrating her brilliant gift for combining life and art. Monkeys, trees, deer, family members, friends, flowers, tears and wheelchairs - Frida Kahlo's use of symbolism and colour wonderfully lends itself to teaching children about the artistic process. What was the artist thinking? Why is Frida's head smaller than Diego's? Was she happy when she painted this picture, or was she sad? These are some of the questions children are encouraged to ponder as they learn about her life, career and important relationships. The reproductions draw attention to Kahlo's use of bold colour and natural imagery, as well as her ingenious use of perspective, collage, and varying styles.

30 pages - soft cover
Dimensions - 28cm x 21.5cm x 1cm

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