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Book - How to Cook a Turkey

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How to Cook a Turkey is meant to be holiday survival guide for a wide range of home cooks: first timers who have no idea where to even begin; more experienced cooks who, nonetheless, forget every year what temperature to cook their turkey at and for how long; and cooks of all levels who like the idea of having one compact holiday handbook of recipes and how-to information specific to their circumstances. The book contains 100 recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts (including an entire chapter on pies), as well as lots of information on everything to do with turkeys (buying info, thawing times, oven temperatures, cook times), as well as on stuffing and making gravy.

Turkey-cooking is just a facet, just a chapter, of what "How to Cook a Turkey" offers in more than 200 well-designed, photograph-heavy pages. The "Fine Cooking" staff attempts to guide both novices and veterans alike through a holiday feast - from appetizers straight through dessert, and on to leftovers. Though specifically aimed at Thanksgiving with its turkey, stuffing and cranberry selections, the bulk of the recipes would be at home at any sort of celebratory meal.

234 pages, hard cover
Dimensions - 18.5cm x 23.5cm x 2.5cm

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