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Book - Hot Sauce: Techniques for Making

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Add a shot of hot sauce to your favorite dishes and spark a fire to thrill your taste buds. Make the hot sauce yourself and you can boost the heat, try out different vinegars, play up a favorite spice, or adjust other ingredients to make a fiery condiment that's truly your own. Jennifer Trainer Thompson offers everything you need to know about making hot sauces, and then gets you started with 32 recipes that span every style, from a three-ingredient Louisiana hot sauce to a Caribbean concoction redolent of tropical fruits and ginger.

This book starts with a brief history of famous hot sauces like Tabasco, Louisiana, and Sriracha and talks about a few common hot sauce ingredients and chiles.

It then has a few 'knock off' recipes for some famous sauces plus other recipes the author recommends. There are 32 hot sauce recipes in total.  Ranging from mild to hot which you can of course you can tinker with depending on how much and what type of chile you add or remove from the recipe.

A highly recommended book for when you have 'too many chiles'.

192 pages - soft cover
Dimensions - 22cm x 16cm x .8cm