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Book - 31 Paleo Mexican Recipes

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There is something about the distinct combination of Mexican flavors that make Mexican dishes sing and diners want to dance. The spicy, savory and tangy ingredients create a fine medley for any palate, and result in delicious, hearty meals and appetizers that are always party favorites.

And now with 31 Days of Paleo Mexican you can enjoy those superb dishes while sticking to your clean eating Paleo plan. The recipes in the 31 Days of Paleo Mexican use great subs for standard Mexican recipes that allow you to enjoy the softness of fajitas and the crunchiness of chips without using traditional grains. The Bases section includes recipes for Paleo Sour Cream, Salsa, and Guacamole, some of the standard items you’re going to want to have around when whipping up your own Mexican Fiesta.

52 pages, soft cover
Dimensions - 23cm x 15.5cm x 0.5cm