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Blairs Limited Release Ultimate Death Sauce 100ml

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Blair's famous collector sauces - sold out in record time, but limited quantity available at Chile Mojo.

Message from Blair:

Hey Hey, I know there's a good chance that if you're reading this message, you likely already know I've been making Fiery Foods for 30+ years.

What I don't think I've ever shared is the fact that my very first Death Sauce was going to be called Blair's Ultimate Death.

As I was standing at the counter in Staples looking at my color labels 3-up on a page (circa early 90's) it hit me that I couldn't possibly start off making my own Best Sauce Ever and I decided to put it on the shelf... little did I know it would be 30 years later before I would finally cook it up and share it with U....

So here you have it. My Ultimate Death Sauce. Each of these wicked 100ml Flask Skulled Bastards is packed with lots of our Scorpion and Jolokia pods, with some great fresh citrus, and topped off with a big dose of Pure pepper resin to send things a few points south of purgatory.

And don't forget to look for Ultimate's big bother - CONFIRMED. Now CONFIRMED is for those of you who seek the Ultimate, and when even that is not enough, step right up - This one is for you. All the same Passion and Luv as Ultimate, but this is what separates the men from the Legends. Its not just adorned with a multi coat of gorgeous Italian resin, it's packed with twice the Fury, making it the Chilihead connoisseur's no-brainer.

There are 2300 of each of these Ultimate Death bottles and Less than 230 Ultimate CONFIRMED made Available. This is a Death Sauce I have already Retired. Meaning I won't make more. U get it.