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Bellini Harina de Maiz corn masa - White 1kg - supplier special - Mar 2021 dates

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Proudly made in Colombia, Bellini is THE premium Harina de Maiz.

Pre-cooked yellow cornmeal used to make empanadas, arepas, bunuelos, tamales, natillas, envueltos and many more classic Central American meals.

Have you always used P.A.N. brand?  Did you know it's now made in the USA?  Try Bellini for a superior masa in your next meal preparation.

Ingredients: ground white corn.
May contain traces of gluten.

How to make arepas:
Ingredients -
1 cup Bellini Precooked white corn meal
1 cup of hot water or milk
salt to taste

Preparation -
1. put corn meal and water (or milk) in a bowl, and mix until well blended.
2. let sit for 5 minutes
3. add salt to taste
4. knead until you get a soft and uniform dough.
5. scoop out fist sized portions and make into squashed balls (a thick disc)
6. fry in shallow oil, turning to ensure both sides are cooked and then finish in oven if required (to ensure inside is finished)

Arepas can be enjoyed plain, as a side dish, or opened up and stuffed with cheese, refried beans or anything else you have in the fridge.