17th Street Barbecue Hog Warsh BBQ Sauce 18oz (532ml)

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  • Country of origin - USA

Hog Warsh is definitely a high quality sauce with great flavor and is not your regular thick n smoky fare. It's a thinner vinegar based sauce which is really meant to do one thing well—adorn piles of smoked and pulled or chopped pork.

The intense tang and nice kick of heat lends a great flavor to smoked hog, cutting through some of the fat and enhancing the flavor of the meat without masking it. Also great as a basting or mopping sauce due to it's lower sugar content.

A super tangy vinegar sauce with a nice kick of heat, in the North Carolina tradition, makes this a solid choice for adorning piles of smoked hog.

Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Ketchup, Cane Sugar, Worcestershire Sauce, Red Pepper Flakes

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