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Seeds - chile Aji Omnicolor

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Aji omnicolor are a thin, pendant like shaped chile, averaging two to three inches in length. But their claim to fame is really their colour – their manycolours. These ajis follow a very vibrant color path as they mature.  Starting with a pale almost white yellow, through shades of purple, yellow and orange, and finally to red.  Since pods mature ad different times, one plant will contain dozens of chiles at various stages and colours, so makes for a beautiful vibrant ornamental plant.

Beauty aside, these chiles are true to the Aji flavour with a complex, fruity, and sweet flavor and medium heat burn (30,000 to 50,000 Scoville heat units).  That robust flavor is not common among most ornamentals.

Growth habit is more spreading than erect, to 1-2ft.