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Heat level : 10

Torchbearer Headless Horseradish Ghost Pepper Sauce 148ml (5oz)

Heat level : 10
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As seen on The Hot Ones - Season 10

Horsradish is the first ingredient which turns on the flavour in the sauce before #2 ingredient, ghost peppers, turn up the heat!  Balanced beautifully with smoky chipotle, lots of garlic, lemon juice and a little mustard.

Perfectly made for beef, sandwiches and prawn cocktails but be careful, too much and you might just lose your head.

Check out season 10 of Hot Ones to see what the celebs have to say about this awesome sauce.

Ingredients: horseradish, ghost peppers, garlic, canola oil,water, chipotle peppers, lemon juice, distilled white viinegar, dijon mustard, horseradish powder, salt, chili powder, black pepper.