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Heat level : 6

Tabasco Sriracha Sauce 20oz (566gm)

Heat level : 6
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A true blend of two famous sauces.

With Tabasco's trademark flavour and vinegary-ness and Sriracha's consistency and flavour, it's a win-win for anyone who loves either of these two legendary originals.

A Louisiana twist on the classic Thai recipe, our sriracha sauce is a masterful blend of all the spicy, sweet and savory flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine --with a touch of classic TABASCO® heat. Splash some in stir fry, noodles and soups, or in any recipe that calls for the delicious combination of sweet chili and garlic.

Get things cooking with this spicy, sweet and savory blend of flavours. Use it on everything fron Thai dishes to burgers & fries.

Ingredients: red jalapeno pepper, water, sugar, garlic, distilled vinegar, xanthan gum, and Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce (distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt).

Gluten, preservative and fat free, TABASCO® Premium Sriracha Sauce comes in a 20 oz. plastic bottle.

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