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Book - Mean Margaritas

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On the rocks or straight up? With a salt rim or without? However you like your margarita, there is a twist to satisfy in this perfect companion to mixing with that most legendary of spirits - tequila.

From roguish beginnings in rural Mexico, tequila now graces the most elegant of cocktail bars and is used in a huge array of cocktails, of which the margarita is the most popular.

All you need to create a delicious Classic margarita is a good-quality tequila, orange-flavoured liqueur, and lime. And yet within the boundaries of these 3 basic ingredients you can create a huge variety of flavours, from Premium margaritas using celebrated rare tequilas, to the fruity Flavoured Mangorita or Prickly Pear. Or try the Substitutions - well known cocktails with a tequila twist, such as the Tequila Colada.

With over 50 vibrant recipes, Mean Margaritas, by award-winning mixologist and bestselling author Ben Reed, celebrates the cocktail that so captures the spirit of fiesta.

64 pages, hard cover
Dimensions - 14.5cm x 14.5cm x 2cm